Site Reliability Engineer

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- Research, PoC, and develop solutions to improve the stability of LINE MAN Wongnai services

and help the development team to deliver software faster

- Contribute to designing and implementing the systems that tolerate errors and failure

- Develop a monitoring and tracking system that enable teams to measure performance and

easy to troubleshoot

- Monitor and maintain vulnerability of software and libraries to reduce the likelihood of attacks



- Strong background in Linux and be able to troubleshoot system proficiently

- Ability to design and implement infrastructure to tolerate errors and failure

- Knowledge of monitoring, logging, and tracing systems to help teams quickly detect problems

- Knowledge of Continuous Delivery including software delivery techniques and stability


- Able to work with others and lead in changing the work process

- Familiar with Cloud Platform (AWS or Google Cloud) and Kubernetes

- Able to code in at least one of the following language in Java, Python, Node.js or Go

- Have a growth mindset and willing to learn new things or share knowledge with others

- Knowledge in Security and how to test is an advantage


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Benefits & Perks
Flexible hours that suit your pace
Breakfast and lunch provided
Work from home or anywhere
Barista service available daily
MacBook provided for everyone
Afterwork beer available daily
No cap on your annual leave
Yearly company outing trip