Privacy Policy for Human Resources Related Purposes

Lineman (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Wongnai Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”) are aware of their duties under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019), including relevant laws, rules, announcements, ordinances as joint data controllers. The company is committed to maintaining your personal data safe, this Privacy Policy for Human Resource Related Purposes (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Policy”) applies to personal data that the company collects, uses, or discloses (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Processing”) for human resource-related purposes, from the recruitment process, during employment until after these persons have ended the relationship with the company, which is explained how your personal data is processed by the company. The details are as follows.

1. Who is the Policy enforceable with ?

This Policy covers the company's personnel, namely directors, executives, current employees, including job applicants, interns, and students, temporary workers, Part-time employees, former employees, and any persons related to the company's personnel, for example, family members of the employees. emergency contact person.

2. What is personal data ?

Personal data means information about an individual which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly, such as name, surname, telephone number, address, e-mail address, ID card number, photograph, work history, etc.. But does not include data about the deceased.

3. Personal data collected by the company

Your personal data is collected by the Company with which you have an employment contract or have a relationship or have a service contract related to you or where you used to work by which your personal data that the company collected depends on your situation, role and status as a job applicant, current employee or former employee, the Company will store your personal data as necessary. and under the purpose of using the data that the company will be notified in the next order In this regard, the types of personal data that the Company has been classified may be stored as follows:Categories of Personal data Be Collected
  • Basic personal data, including title, first name, last name, nickname, photograph, identification number, passport number, social security number, driver's license number, taxpayer identification number, bank account number, Umay plus card number, vehicle registration number, current address residential address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, age, marital status, military status educational record, work history skill, financial information, LINE ID, social media accounts, etc.
  • Sensitive personal data, including health information, fingerprints, disability information. criminal history, etc.
  • Third-party information, including spouse, family members, emergency contact person, beneficiary by collecting their personal data, such as first name, last name, relationship, phone number, etc.
  • Employment information, such as employee ID, job title, affiliation, employee status, start working date, employment termination date, work performance, salary rate, work history, overtime, leave statistics, training, provident fund, benefit reimbursement, the reason for leaving, performance appraisal, job adjustments, penalties, etc.
  • Operational information, including Profile Picture, Username, Password, Device ID, Device Type, Device OS, Device Ownership, Device Model, Account Status, Mobile Report, Audit and Alert logs, CCTV, Activity log, Google Account, Slack Account, etc.

4. How does the company collect personal data ?

4.1. Collect your personal data directly
Most of the time, the company receives your personal data directly from you by collecting personal data from the recruitment process, including various processes about the employment contract and the employment.
4.2. Collect information during the operation or use of the Company's resources
Your personal data may be collected during operations or use of resources, such as the use of CCTV in office spaces, collection of computer traffic information on the company's Internet use, the use of cookies, including the installation of Mobile Device Management and Data Loss Prevention tools on company devices, or personal devices of employees that are used to connect to company systems.
4.3. When you provide personal data about yourself and others
Personal data of yourself and others that you have provided to the Company. You may also provide personal data about other people, such as those who are close to your family, that the Company uses to carry out and manage human resources, for example, to manage employee benefits; or Contact your relatives in case of emergency.
4.4. The Company may collect your personal data from third parties and other organizations.
The company may collect your information from other organizations for the recruitment and selection process, for example, by requesting information for referrals from your former employer and other personal history checks which are permitted by law including if you apply for a job with the company through recruiting agents or job site, please review each employment agency's privacy policy.

5. Legal Basis of processing personal data

The company will process your personal data with the specific objectives, scope, and use of lawful, transparent, and fair methods under the legal bases as follows:
5.1. It is necessary for the performance of the contract such as employment contract between you and the Company or to process your request before entering into contract with the Company according to the job application process
5.2. It is necessary for compliance with the laws to achieve the purpose with respect to Labor protection, social security, medical treatment benefits workability assessment
5.3. It is necessary for legitimate interests of the Company or other person or juristic person which will not unreasonably infringe upon your fundamental rights or freedoms in personal data
5.4. It is for prevention or suppression of danger to life body or health of persons in case of emergency
5.5. It is necessary for compliance with laws, courts, or orders of government agencies or other agencies or other persons having authority to govern the Company.
The company will proceed to ask for your consent. If consent is required by law or the company does not have a legitimate reason to use the above legal basis for processing your personal data.

6. Purpose of processing personal data

For the purposes and details to be notified, the following applies only to job applicants. The Company will process your data as needed to assess the suitability of applicants for the position and to verify the accuracy of the information you have provided to the company to do the following:
6.1. For the recruitment process
  1. The Company uses your personal data to assess whether you are suitable for the role of job that the company wants to recruit or not and to handle job interviews or assessments when you apply directly to the Company or through a recruitment agency or a third party. This will include contacting you to prepare, conduct, evaluate, and provide feedback on assessments and interviews and if the company offers you employment.
  2. To assess whether you are fit to work in the position you have applied for. The Company may ask you to take a test or answering questions about your personality details and/or attending an interview where such information may be obtained either from yourself or from the company.
  3. Line Managers who are recruiting for the company's job may select applications for interviews based on the details that you have filled out the application form with the company.
6.2. To check work history or match pre-employment
  1. To check if you have work experience with the Company and the reason for your resignation includes checking if you have applied for a job with the Company before, and check if you are interested in other positions in the company or not.
  2. To conduct a pre-employment check to assess your ability to work as permitted by law, such as professional qualifications, health information, criminal record, and checking from the references you have provided to the company.
6.3. To analyze information and adjust reasonably.
  1. To make reasonable adjustments to the recruiting process to comply with what you have informed the company or what the company knows.
  2. For this purpose, the company may collect your data to assist the company to assess, whether it should be modified, under the necessity or limitation of the work that you have applied for.
6.4.For consideration of other suitable positions in the future if you are unsuccessful in the various assessments for the position you have applied for. The company will keep your personal data for 1 year so that the company can contact you in case of any position in the future of the Company or its affiliates or branches that may be suitable for you.

7. Who does the company disclose your personal data to?

The Company may disclose your personal data to the following categories of persons:
7.1. Affiliates and subsidiaries of the Company
7.1. Service providers, business partners, contract contractors or agents acting on behalf of the Company for work-related purposes Human resources such as insurance companies, Payroll service companies, hospitals, transportation providers, etc.
7.1. Government agencies, courts, or other persons or juristic persons having the power to order the Company or as required by law, the Company must disclose personal data such as the Social Security Office, the Revenue Department, the Royal Thai Police, etc.
7.1. Other persons to whom the Company has to disclose your personal data to perform the contract that you are a party or provide the company's services to you.

8. How long does the company keep your personal data ?

In general, the Company will retain your personal data to the extent necessary to carry out the performance of the purposes stated in this policy and/or obligations to the extent reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or as required by relevant personal data protection laws, whereby the company may retain information that has reasonable grounds to believe that it may be a dispute/litigation, as permitted by relevant laws.

9. Links to the external websites.

The Company's website may contain links to third-party websites. The access and use of third-party’s websites are not governed by this policy but are instead governed by the privacy policy of that third-party website.

10. Your rights

Subject to personal data protection laws, you have the right to your personal data as listed below. The validity of that right is subject to the conditions set forth by law or an authorized person.
10.1. The right to withdraw your consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal formation that has been previously given your consent at any time. However, if you withdraw your consent it may result in the Company being unable to process according to the contract with you, whether the whole or any part thereof.
10.2. The right to access, request a copy of your personal data that the company has collected.
10.3. The right to request the company to correct your data to be accurate, current, complete, and not cause misunderstanding.
10.4. The right to request the company to transmit your personal data to another controller.
10.5. The right to object or inhibit the company from collecting, using, or disclosing your personal data in some cases.
10.6. The right to request the company to delete or destroy or make your personal data identifiable under certain circumstances by the relevant laws.
10.7. The right to complain to a competent government agency if it is believed that the company does not comply with the law.

11. Cookies

The Company uses cookies and similar data collecting technologies whereby cookies are text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. This text file collects information that can be read by the website when the website is subsequently revisited. Some of these cookies are necessary or the website will not function properly while other types of cookies still provide convenience to website visitors as it securely remembers usernames and also remembers the language used. For example, cookies mean that you do not need to enter the same information each time you visit the website.
  • To help the company store variables used for data collection (session) when you use the service and/or any other services.
  • To improve the security of the company's system.
  • To collect your preferences and provide customized services to suit you.
  • To help the company understand how people use the services of the company's website and to make further improvements.
In most web browsers, you can control over, whether to accept cookies. However, if you disable cookies or limit your ability to set cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of the website or access all its functionalities that may limit your overall user experience.

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Changes to the Privacy Policy

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