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At LINE MAN Wongnai, product experience is at the forefront of what we do. As UX/UI Design Lead, you will take the lead in shaping the future of our products from app, web, and any other touchpoints along the combined ecosystem of LINE, LINE MAN, and Wongnai. Your impact will be felt through both hands-on works and coaching other designers.

Working in a fast-paced non-bureaucratic environment, you will bring the understanding of user-centric design together with great aesthetics and craftsmanship to tackle the challenges that impact millions of people on our journey to become the No.1 food platform in Thailand.

What you’ll Do:

  • Be hands-on; design beautiful user interfaces that come with intuitive and simple experiences.
  • Coach and guide other designers to bring out the best in them.
  • Be autonomous. Take lead and ownership in the design process of the assigned product from researching, designing, and delivering. Create prototypes or run research as needed.
  • Participate in strategic decisions of our products and businesses. Bringing in solutions and the understanding of what product experiences can do for our businesses.
  • Measure and improve your designs with qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Facilitate discussion. Combine feedback from other designers and different stakeholders to continuously iterate and improve upon your designs.
  • Question and define requirements, not just design by order.
  • Be data-driven and logical.
  • Work in cross-functional teams closely with engineers, product managers, business development, etc. to ship high-quality products.
  • Study, innovate, and bring deep knowledge of UX/UI to the team such as accessibility, color blindness, easing curve, etc.


It’d be Great if you have:

  • Have a minimum of 4 years of experience working as a UX/UI Designer
  • Have a portfolio showcasing your UX/UI design skills.
  • Experience designing apps or websites. Understand the limitations of designing for different platforms such as iOS, Android, and web.
  • Have a solid understanding and experience with basic design principles such as layout, contrast, spacing, hierarchy, typography, etc.
  • Understand user-centric design and design thinking concepts while being able to take apart, adapt and apply the concept to best make an impact in a timely manner.
  • Love logic. Use a logical systematic approach to solving a problem and everything that you do.
  • Love UI, apps, and technology. Be pixel perfect-ionist.
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Benefits & Perks
Flexible hours that suit your pace
Breakfast and lunch provided
Work from home or anywhere
Barista service available daily
MacBook provided for everyone
Afterwork beer available daily
No cap on your annual leave
Yearly company outing trip
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