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Application Period: Now - 27 March 2023
Internship Period: June - August

About LINE MAN Wongnai Master's Degree Internship
The internship program for Master's Degree students where you can become a valued part of a fast-moving and highly rewarding tech team that you will not be able to find from anywhere else!

At LINE MAN Wongnai, we are crazy for impact, value new ideas and believe in people's potential. We offer you an opportunity to work closely with C-Suite and real industry experts, to bring your innovative ideas to life and to make a national level impact for millions of people. 

Join our journey to becoming No.1 e-Commerce platform for services in Thailand.
Drive our Thai tech company to the highest level.

Business Strategy Intern

This role is responsible for identifying new business opportunities, laying out the strategies,  building the business models, and providing consultation and working with relevant teams to kick-start the project. 

What You’ll Do:

  • Identify business opportunities, formulate business plans, including key tasks, goals, and action plans, and ensure those plans are implemented to drive growth for the company.
  • Conduct research on user behavior and competitor analysis to understand market trends to determine the probability of winning strategy and adapt them to the business.
  • Provide consultation to internal teams and management on growth and sustainability of the business, fine-tuning product-market fit, and conducting new product and service development.
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Benefits & Perks
Flexible hours that suit your pace
Work from home or anywhere
MacBook provided for everyone
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Barista service available daily
Afterwork beer available daily
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