WeChallenge Program


Hello everyone, Wongnai WeChallenge is a new recruitment program designed to seek high potential software engineers. We designed a brand new challenge assignment that everyone can do for fun and have a shot at an opportunity to be a part of the Wongnai Development team.

WeChallenge is looking for a “T-Shaped Developer”, whose expertise is both broad and deep. It will do this by bringing out real-life technical challenges that we face every day at Wongnai and turn it into a single assignment. You need to use a variety of tools, libs, and techniques to achieve a high score. You learn new techniques every time you tackle a challenge in a novel way. We encourage you to share your techniques on social media, as well as try someone else’s techniques. We learn better when we learn together.

Should I take on this challenge?

  • Yes, if you want to apply for a position in the Wongnai Development team.
  • Yes, if you want to have some fun. You can also share your results and tricks on social media with the hashtag #WongnaiWeChallenge so we can follow you. Please share only the appropriate things and not your solutions, so you don’t spoil all the fun for others! Feel free to challenge your friend to get an even better result.
  • What can be shared on social media (guideline): Architecture, Reqs/sec, Benchmark performance, Test cases, Testing techniques, Automated test suites, Name of techniques, Name of data structure, Frontend techniques.

Why apply for this program?

  • By default, anyone who applies for a position in the Wongnai Development team needs to have their resume screened first. However, no resume is required for this WeChallenge program
  • WeChallenge will be a platform for you to show your real potential, regardless of how good your resume looks. Whoever is keen can start the assignment instantly.
  • Once you have completed the challenge and your score meets our criteria, you will be bypassed to the interview process immediately
  • Our challenge can be started at any time but you should complete it within 7 days after you have started.

How to Apply for the Program:

  • Please find the position of your interest below, take a challenge, and follow the instructions in the file.
  • Complete the challenge and try to maximize your score by following the criteria.
  • Zip the whole assignment then upload it to Google Drive and send us a public link. Don't forget to grant a public view permission.
  • Click Apply Now button below to send us the link, please also provide contact information so we can reach you. (Resume field is optional)
  • Wait for us to review your assignment, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are a backend dev...

If you are a backend dev or you are seeking for positions

  • Software Engineer - Backend (Java)
  • Software Engineer - Backend (Go)

please take this challenge: WeChallenge For Backends


Other positions are coming soon.