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About LINE MAN Wongnai

LINE MAN Wongnai (LMWN) is Thailand’s Leading On-Demand Delivery and Lifestyle e-Commerce platform services. We build technology to help Thai people live better, to empower all local businesses by creating an end-to-end food ecosystem through our channel LINE MAN and Wongnai. Connected consumers, riders, and local businesses and improved the daily life of all parties with restaurants nationwide. And because we are local, we provide the deepest variety and services that are tailor-made for Thai people.

The search team at LMWN is diligently working on crafting the next-generation of cutting-edge recommendations and personalized services, tailored to deliver unparalleled experiences to our esteemed merchants and users. Employing contemporary technologies, such as machine learning, we aim to augment the conversion rate and optimize user interactions. Our unwavering mission is to furnish users with state-of-the-art food and restaurant discovery capabilities, ensuring seamless access to a diverse array of culinary offerings from our valued merchants.

We are currently seeking a highly skilled and motivated individual to fill the position of Senior Software Engineer within our team. Your primary responsibility will be to spearhead the development of an advanced food and restaurant discovery feature for our LINE MAN and Wongnai application. As a pivotal member of the team, you will be instrumental in fostering a culture of excellence and driving the engineer team to operate at peak performance levels. Your expertise and contributions will be crucial in delivering an exceptional user experience and further enhancing the capabilities of our platform.

What you’ll Do:

  • Collaborate closely with a diverse and talented multi-national team, to embark on the creation of our next-generation discovery, recommendation, and personalization search system
  • Engage in extensive research and development, focusing on cutting-edge technology, to pioneer state-of-the-art algorithms in the realm of relevant search, thereby elevating the capabilities of our platform
  • Forge strong partnerships with the engineering and infrastructure team to construct and scale robust back-end search services, while continuously monitoring and enhancing the platform's availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency
  • Take on the pivotal role of guiding and mentoring the technical design process, lending your expertise and offering alternative perspectives to engineer's proposals. At LMWN, we employ the RFC for a formal technical review process 
  • Coach and empower engineers in creating meticulous task breakdowns and implementation plans, striking a delicate balance between business impact, quality, and efficiency. You will adeptly gauge technical development and engineering efforts, discerning when a solution meets the criteria of being 'good enough'
  • Demonstrate strategic acumen in designing and orchestrating the rollout of new features into the production environment, prioritizing minimal risk and maximum impact. We routinely conduct experiments, including A/B testing, to evaluate the effectiveness of each feature
  • Forge a close partnership with the product team, identifying future opportunities and aligning our technical design to support forthcoming endeavors. This collaboration will enable us to stay agile and adaptable in meeting emerging market needs

What you’ll Need:

  • 5+ years of experience in the software development cycle
  • Proficient in at least one programming language for backend services, preferably Go or Java
  • Strong background knowledge in Elasticsearch
  • Ability to establish a high-performance and self-organized work team with suitable processes and procedures.
  • Experience with AWS and/or GCP, SQL and/or NoSQL databases, technologies like RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, and Solr
  • Growth mindset and willingness to learn and teach from others
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills in business requirements and be able to suggest technical solutions or recommended workarounds
  • Strong leadership and coaching skills
  • Strong and clear written and verbal communication skills in both Thai and English

It’d be Great if you have: (If any)

  • Understanding of basic concepts of data science and/or machine learning concepts
  • Have a curious and innovative attitude
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