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As the Head of Data Architect and Data Engineering, you will empower the high-achieving team responsible for architecting and running the data storage layer of the data platform. You'll play an integral role in the operationally-critical durable, performant and user-friendly data storage infrastructure, owning the roadmap and calling upon your industry experience to implement improvements and optimize processes.


The Head of Data Architecture and Data Engineering will be an expert leading in data storage across the development team, guiding feature teams to architecting a first-rate, scalable system in a reflexive manner that encourages continuous improvement.

What you’ll Do:

  • Develop and deliver long-term strategic goals for data architecture vision and standards in conjunction with data users, department managers, clients, and other key stakeholders.
  • Create short-term tactical solutions to achieve long-term objectives and an overall data management roadmap.
  • Create strategies and plans for data capacity planning, data security, life cycle data management, scalability, backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, and archiving.
  • Select and implement the appropriate tools, software, applications, and systems to support data technology goals.
  • Identify and develop opportunities for data reuse, migration, or retirement and platform upgrades.
  • Oversee the mapping of data sources, data movement, interfaces, and analytics, with the goal of ensuring data quality.
  • Collaborate with project leads and consultants and business unit leaders for all projects involving enterprise data and analytics.
  • Address data-related problems in regards to systems integration, compatibility, and multiple-platform integration.
  • Document the project and programs data architecture and environment in order to maintain a current and accurate view of the larger data picture, an environment that supports a single version of the truth and is scalable to support future analytical needs


What you’ll Need: 

  • At least 7 years of  hands-on experience in Data Architecture, Data Engineering or other related field
  • Experience owning transactional data stores in production (e.g. MySQL, PostgresSQL)
  • Good working knowledge of software development with Java, Go / Python and Distributed Systems Computing
  • Experience to work with cloud-based engineering environments e.g. AWS, GCP
  • You're familiar with infrastructure automation and configuration management tooling, e.g. Terraform, Ansible
  • Passionate technologist, keen to keep pace with the latest technologies and continuously refine your skills
  • Self-assured communicator, confident and impactful as a leader
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