Business Analytics Manager/Senior Manager (Merchant)

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Reporting to the COO, the team seeks to identify and optimize growth strategies for the LINE MAN Wongnai business through insights, analysis, experiments, and data. This role is responsible for identifying business opportunities, competitive advantage, business and product development, and augmenting our core understanding of business by providing data-driven insights and analytical framework, delivering recommendations and impact assessment for the team to ensure that the business has strong growth, maximizes profit, and becomes successful at scale.

As a Business Analytics Manager, you will work closely with a dedicated cross-functional team (squad) composed of members from various departments such as the Business Development, Product, Marketing, Sales, and Operation team.



  • Utilize LINE MAN Wongnai business‘s amount of data to provide decision support and discover actionable insights to help inform where we go next
  • Build and analyze the business key metrics, new initiatives or design experiments, product improvements, and business optimization to solve the business problems, maximize revenue and business growth
  • Design and execute the go-to-market strategies plus identifying the business impact and high-value opportunities to prioritize the team to focus on both in the short and long term
  • Lead a cross-functional team efficiently to design, execute, and interpret experiments, implement strategy, monitor executions, interpret and improve results to achieve the business target, and measure the successes
  • Conduct industry/competitive landscape analysis and research. Monitor/Oversee competitive market trends to identify the business strategy and product roadmap
  • Consult on the product development of the platform to ensure compatibility with our business strategy


  • 5+ years of experience in AdTech, MarTech, Management Consulting, Business/data Analytics, Business intelligence, Business Development, or related roles
  • A good understanding of statistics and data, experience in regression analysis, and data visualization skills, and the ability to implement this understanding in complex business situations
  • Result Oriented, strategic thinking with creative, good business sense, solution-driven mindset, and experience designing the business framework
  • Understand key metrics in the e-commerce industry and market insights to identify business growth opportunities is preferred
  • Ability to take initiative and drive impacts in a constantly-changing work environment and fast-growing industry 
  • Good communication and presentation skills to communicate and sell ideas across various business functions
  • Ability to use SQL is a plus.
  • Fluent in Thai Language, Proficient in English
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