Pricing Analytics Manager/ Senior Manager

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Pricing Analytics Manager/ Senior Manager

Reporting to the COO/CPO, the Growth Team seeks to identify and optimize growth strategies for the company through insights, analysis, experiments, and data. The projects the Pricing Analytics unit work on serve to establish, develop, and augment our core understanding of pricing in LINE MAN Wongnai, and provide an analytical framework for subsequent strategy and optimization. This role is focused on pricing optimization of our ads business and will operate under a matrix structure, reporting to the head of the Growth team, but also to the head of the Ads team. 


•    Build deep knowledge around LINE MAN Wongnai's merchant partners who advertise on our platform, particularly with regards to price sensitivity and elasticity 
•    Design an appropriate pricing strategy that maximises revenue and value for our partners using complex algorithmic and machine learning tools
•    Design and develop modular automated data models/ analytic systems that integrate with existing data and analytic systems to support algorithmic price strategies
•    Design and execute experiments and simulations to validate optimal pricing strategies and structures
•    Consult on product development of the Ads platform to ensure compatibility with our pricing strategy

•    A hacker's mindset – the ability to build simple but clever and elegant solutions to new problems within significant resource, operational and time constraints through deep understanding of the business, creative problem solving, and a wide range of expertise in data, analytics, automation, programming, and prototyping.
•    A good understanding of statistics, computer science, and data, and the ability to implement this understanding in complex business situations.
•    Experience with complex analytics and statistical/machine learning techniques using R/Python/Spark
•    Ability to read, understand, and implement state of the art algorithms, approaches, and methods from conference papers or published research
•    4+ years of experience in data science, statistical or mathematical research, operations research, or complex data modelling/ analytics
•    Master's degree in statistics, mathematics, operations research, or data science is preferred
•    Familiarity with Markov-chain modelling, simulations, various forms of gradient-based optimization in Hilbert spaces and mathematical (convex) optimization is a plus
•    Familiarity with price discovery methodologies and strategies is a plus
•    Familiarity with bash scripting, server-side app development (Linux, CentOS), Apache Kafka, APIs, R shiny, or Python Dash is a plus

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