Senior Inventory Manager

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  • Maintain positive inventory levels across all projects, vendors and fulfillment partners
  • Maintain a good balance on inventory days across all SKUs
  • Optimize the cost of the supply chain e.g. inventory holding, warehouse, and fulfillment
  • Innovate on and implement new strategies to forecast supply, coordinate production and fulfillment
  • Improve stability into our inventory management and planning, while helping to introduce change-making upgrades to our existing process
  • Collaborate daily with sales, marketing, operation, and business development. And weekly with procurement, finance, and vendors.



  • Multi-Tasker: able to handle multiple projects and levels of work simultaneously.
  • Analytical: informed by data. You understand how to utilize qualitative information to support impactful decisions.
  • Adaptable: things change quickly, and we plan to remain small. Adapting to these changes is critical.
  • Determined: don’t mind digging deep to get the job done, even if the task isn’t always exciting.
  • Self-Starter: don’t require direction to pick up and go, but rather you see the problems in front of you that need to be addressed.
  • Team-Player: recognize the importance of team skills like accountability, responsibility, and shared success.
  • Extensive experience managing the day-to-day and long-term inventory levels of fast moving products
  • Experience working in the direct-to-consumer space with a flexible mentality required for startup success
  • Some experience with ERPs
  • Experience in manufacturing, production management, or vendor management is strongly preferred
  • A basic understanding of the nature of inventory accounting
  • Multi-Tasker. You are able to handle multiple projects and levels of work simultaneously.
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Benefits & Perks
Flexible hours that suit your pace
Breakfast and lunch provided
Work from home or anywhere
Barista service available daily
MacBook provided for everyone
Afterwork beer available daily
No cap on your annual leave
Yearly company outing trip
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